How to properly wear a scarf this season?

Scarves – is a basic accessory of modern fashion
November 22, 2017

Each woman, creating a way, gives him a piquancy or piquancy with the help of various accessories. In the summer this can be stylish jewelry and watches, but also in the cool weather of the year the most accessory is a scarf. And if the woman knows how it is right to wear a scarf, then with that help she can daily update your way.
But, unfortunately, many women know only a few ways how to wear a beautiful scarf, so in this article I will share some secrets about how to wear a scarf to the girl to always be stylish, fashionable and original.
So, we offer to your attention four of the most original ways to wear a women’s shawl:

The easiest but quite original way, wrap a scarf around the neck a few times, and the other tops of the tie on a knot and hidden under an inner layer.

The second one is also a very easy option – wrap a scarf around the neck in one go, and tighten the edges in the front. It will be like a long shawl with a bundle. Then, take a scarf on both sides closer to the neck, percussions and both parts between yourself one time, and pull the head of the resulting loop.

This way it will be very harmonious to combine both with straight jeans and jacket, and with beautiful dresses and long skirts. Put a scarf in half. Transfer it through the door to make a circle, and at the end, a scarf is on the front. Then proende ends a line arises. Tighten a little scarf and give it a beautiful look, spread, hanging edges.

The Nakinna scarf on the neck, loose the free ends of the chest. In front of the percussions, put them between you once and fold back. At the back again the percussions between them again and return ends the shawl forward. Then end each end in a loop that occurs when you curl a scarf. Your unique image ready!

If you have not come up with any of the proposed ways to properly wear a women’s shawl, be imaginative, and you will surely come up with something special to be able to surprise your friends.

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