How beautiful the scarf is. The proper way to tie scarves

Fashion scarves – the most stylish model and is fashionable to tie a tie?
April 2, 2017
Scarves – is a basic accessory of modern fashion
November 22, 2017

How to tie a scarf around the neck: theory and practice

“Beauty will save the world!” As the famous slogan says. People want to be beautiful and the modern fashion industry offers many opportunities to realize this desire.

A stylish and complete image is achieved in a variety of ways, including accessories. This article looks at scarves, trees and scarves. how do you like to beautifully tie a scarf around your neck?

There are many ways to do this. However, the proper tying of a scarf is not all. It is important to properly grab the texture and thickness of a scarf. For example, a thick jacquard scarf is unlikely to fit under a summer dress with open shoulders.

Inaccurate and hot. Or place a thin silk scarf under the winter jacket. Few funny and absolutely dysfunctional. Thus, it is important to choose the right scarf for this or this case and tighten it correctly on the neck.

How to make a scarf at the neck of a woman

A large selection of scarves generates the same number of ways to connect them. So the beautiful half of humanity can use described in the summer, and in winter, under all kinds of clothes. In the summer, in the middle of Russia, the weather is sunny and warm.

Therefore, under the dresses also fit scarves, light semi-natural fabrics. For them, all methods of binding the neck or the floor of a dress are approaching.

Normal and custom knitted scarf. It usually has a rectangle, more rarely a square. Its length is different: from short, slightly more than one and a half meters to a length of five meters. They are several times wrapped around the neck, making them visually longer.

The ends of a scarf, often decorated with brushes, fringes, pompons, create the effect of extra draperies and often gourmet decoration.

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