How beautiful and easy is it to tie a neck scarf?

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February 22, 2017

It’s no secret that the neck scarf has become a favorite female adornment for a long time, which is able not only to protect itself against adverse weather conditions, but also to become a good addition to the overall image of a modern woman.

Every self-respecting woman in her wardrobe must have some different scarves of different shapes and sizes, and also knows in different ways how to connect them, so she looks individually, refined and even mysterious every day.

By the way, if you look at the history of the look of a joke around your neck, you may find that at the beginning it was a completely male gadget that protected the door against weather conditions and was not a fashion accessory at all.

Some recommendations
If you decorate monophonic clothing with a neck scarf, it must be a contrasting color. For example, this refers to a monochrome sponge, which you want to always refresh.
If in your image you already have more than three colors (in clothes), the scarf must be equal to one of them.
Different suits should be combined with the one-color handkerchief of this color that is least in it. If the clothes do not contain drawings, then you can choose a multi-colored scarf.
It is necessary to consider the fabric of scarves because the same nodes on different tissues will look different. Heavy and long scarves are worn only with coats, jackets and sweaters, while air and thin can be combined with lightweight clothing.
How to wear it?

The homeland of this method is France, the state of charm and fashion. But this is weird, it’s one of the simplest, most common and practical ways that is distinguished by its elegant versatility and its considerable popularity. To make this connection a scarf, it’s best to choose a warm and long scarf, but you can use it also for other materials, regardless of the width of scarves.

The scarf has to be folded twice and returned over the neck. On the one hand it will turn out to be something like a loop in which the other end of the scarf needs to be stretched, and then the whole structure closer to the neck. Do not forget to slightly extend the knot so that the scar does not look crumpled.

Ascot ”
This option is great for a business style that sometimes you really want to dilute with a woman’s femininity. In doing so, you can help with a square fabric made of lightweight fabric. To do this, add a square handkerchief diagonally and acquire a triangle.

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